The Mysterious Moorland Monster.

Anthony and I were looking for something to do as per usual, just driving around the countryside on the outskirts of Middlesbrough. Needless to say, we got a lot more excitement than we expected.

We eventually ended up at Captain Cook's Monument, well, at least the car park for the monument. We headed to the other hill, up some moorland path.

It was a grey and cloudy day and we had witnessed an epic thunderstorm earlier that day that made being in the car a bit of a nervous experience. The hills were touching the clouds, and so when we got to the top of the hill we were inside the cloud. There was one ultra cloudy bit that you couldn't see into, and we theorised that it was the previous night's UFO's disguise.

We walked past a sheep and it felt like we entered a cloud: there was no visibility and it was harder to breathe, and so this made the walk a bit more exciting as you can imagine. The sheep were avoiding us and there was one stray sheep that baa'd at us quite a lot.  We carried on walking past when a few birds flew out of the heather and both antman and I threw rocks at them, as part of a MAN thing I'll talk about later.

Anthony was talking about something, I don't think it is relevant now, but while he said something I could have sworn I heard something else. An animal roaring. If it was a roar, it was a short one. We stopped and listened for a few minutes and decided to carry on in the same direction, towards Roseberry Topping (Middlesbrough's excuse for a mountain.).

After a few steps we heard a growl. It definitely sounded like a large predatory animal, maybe a wolf or a dog but it scared the hell out of us. We sprinted away after exchanging a look of "what the fuck was that??".

I felt a chilling adrenaline rush all over and scared to hell I kept looking back over my shoulder. We were unarmed and untrained in fighting large wild animals so we got the hell out of there. Well, that's what we said to protect our egos.

We ran just as fast as one another and Anth dropped his monkey nuts. I told him mid step to leave them and we carried on moving. We got out of there and only felt safe when we got to the car.

I guess the moral of the story here is:  There's more out there than we know about.

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