The UFO Sighting

My friend Anthony and I were walking home from our other best friend's house on a Friday night/ Saturday morning, just before dawn. Anthony, was as drunk as me and he saw exactly the same thing.

We looked up to the sky and two floating lights that were more oblong in shape than circular, were moving in peculiar directions seemingly weaving through the clouds. 

They passed each other, then one of them stopped in one spot, then the other one disappeared by flying super in the opposite direction to what it was originally heading, just like a shooting star.

The one that stayed in one spot seemed to stop a few seconds after we noticed it, as if it was listening to us.

The sheer number of stars in just one galaxy, and then the amount of galaxies that we actually know about in the one universe we barely know astounds the mind. 

Who is to say there is only intelligent life on earth?  

 If a ship came here and was peaceful, I would ask if I could go to their home planet for sure.

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