Some pictures from my neighbourhood in Jakarta

As I'm leaving this crazy place very soon, I thought it might be an idea to share some pictures of the place that I live in Jakarta, and something much more interesting: The locals.

This is Bangjoy the Security Guard's beloved outpost. He guards a homestay, which is like a mix between dorms and a motel. It's basically one room in a building where you live, and the rent is very cheap. A great place to live if you come out here to teach English, and they have a good community spirit between the neighbours.

The local kids STILL PLAY OUT. What happened, UK?

This is one of hundreds of "Jalan Tikus" (Rat Road) in Jakarta. This one I find particularly interesting - The wall on the right is a security wall for Kemang Club Villas, one of many complexes that look totally different to the streets of Jakarta.

Kemang Timur at night.
I like this shot. I had to sneak the picture; the guy didn't have the friendliest expression on his face when I walked past him.
A tailor. He was happy to speak to some foreigners, although we didn't have much of a conversation

Like many folk around here, this guy was more than happy to have his picture taken. He sells "bakso", which is Indonesian street food's answer to meatballs. It's served asThe cart that he uses is called a "Kaki Lima", which translated to English means "five legs". They are rife in the city and an essential tool for the small businessman.

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