How do you make a German-style Chicken kebab?

I went on a stag do recently to Munich, and the kebab shop next to the Hofbrauhaus came massively recommended to my by a lad I work with.

After a very heavy couple of nights, myself and the stag, Phill, needed some proper food in us, so we went to this Kebab shop.

It turned out to be a great move. Imagine being hungover, then tucking into this.

Here's the one I bought from the shop

For some reason, maybe it was the hunger, I watched the man make the kebab, and this never happens, but in true 'monkey see monkey do' fashion, the way he made a kebab was seared photgraphically into my memory.

So, here's how it's done:


Chicken, shredded into 0.5cm^2 x 3cm strips
Chicken tikka paste
Lettuce, finely shredded
Red cabbage, finely shredded
Cheese, grated
Tomatoes, sliced.


1. Make sure all of the ingredients are prepared as described in the ingredients section.
2. Put your chicken in a bowl and mix it up with a teaspoon or two of the tikka paste
3. Fry the chicken off in a pan until it's cooked throughout.
4. Lay out the tin foil landscape to you and place a wrap in the middle of each one.
5. Sprinkle a good amount of lettuce and cabbage on the wraps.
6. Have your oven at 200C, put the chicken from the frying pan onto a foil-covered baking tray. Put the chicken into the top of the oven. You want the smaller edges of the chicken to be crispy.
7. Once chicken is ready and the paste has dried up, put on top of the cabbage and lettuce. Quickly follow that with cheese, then onions, then tomatoes.
8. Fold the wrap over. All you want is the ends to be able to touch. Now take the closest part of the foil, and drag it over so that no ingredients can escape.
9. Now press! Squeeze the wrap and press down, making sure that the ingredients are spread evenly and the kebab is in a straight line along its long side.
10. Fold the ends over.
11. About 3/4 up the kebab,.gently rip the foil so it rips in a straight line around the kebab, exposing a bit you can wrap your mouth around!

Here's the one I made, from that recipe:
Here's the one I made. Not a bad effort ey!

If you'd prefer to watch me make it on YouTube, watch this video.

Also, here's the place on the map if you're ever in Munich and want to try it first hand! 


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