A Homeless New York Junkie Wore Sunglasses Better Than i Did


I went to Paris in March, without sunglasses.  

What an idiot.

In my defense, I didn't think I'd need them having not seen a single ray of sunlight during the snowiest start to the year in England yet.

Not having sunglasses and being constantly blinded by the blaring sun began to get annoying, especially when it was such a lovely day, and I was squinting in every touristy photo I took.

Point & Case:

So, it was time to find and buy some sunnies.

Walking from the Eiffel Tower to the Arc de Triomphe, I found a looky-looky man selling some sunnies, so I bartered him down from €15 to $10.

If any of you are wondering how to do that, and are sick of being ripped off, then check this post that I wrote out.

$10 euros was still a rip off as they were glare-y as hell, and were basically just coloured glass - none of that fancy UV protection you get in the real shops. Who needs it anyway? 

They did the job slightly, and I kept them on when I needed them, but unlike good sunnies where you forget you're even wearing sunnies, they were a constant distraction.

Fast forward to April, when we went to New York.

I brought the crap sunnies from Paris with me, and due to lack of time, organisational skills and no other excuse, I decided to pack the sunnies and bring them with me.

Our time in New York was fantastic, and I tolerated the sunnies as much as possible until I could no longer, so I went to H&M to buy a cheap pair to keep me going until I found a pair of RayBans that I wanted.

They were only $10, so I thought, why not, I'll bin these crap ones so I'm not carrying them about.

I asked the lady behind the till, whom who I think may have been Ukrainian, "Do you have a bin for these?"


Being British and polite, I decided that I'd say "nevermind" and bin them upstairs when I could find one, and to just "leave it for now".

I walked upstairs to show my new sunnies to my fiancee, couldn't find her so I went out onto the street.

As soon as I left the door with a shopping bag, a homeless man said: "do you have a dollar?"

I actually didn't, so I said, "no, but you can have these sunglasses if you'd like?"

He looked at them for a bit, and said, "thanks, where are they from?"

"Paris", I said, confidently.

"Oh my, Paris, where in Paris?" he said, checking himself out in the reflection of the shop window, with them now on. "How much were they?"

I had to come clean. He'd caught me out. "Oh, just like, $15 or something."

Was he really going to turn them down?

He turned back to me and said "Thanks. Have a good day."

I'm not joking, he looked more stylish in them than I did. 

Maybe I just didn't suit that style.

Funny how things pan out, isn't it?

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